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The Romance Reviews

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Writer's Lockdown

Hello everyone!

I am briefly going to talk about what a Writer's Lockdown is. A lot of us do this, it's when you shut everything down that could be a distraction and only concentrate on writing.

That means NO social networks! No Facebook, no Myspace, no Twitter, no blogging, even email. YIKES!. Basically you are shutting yourself off from the rest of the world!

Since in this day and age, most of our contact with others is through the internet and these many social networks, this could seem very daunting. But in many cases it's necessary.

Let me tell you why I did it and why I will be doing it a couple of more times in the coming weeks.

I have several projects going, some near completion, some in the first editing phase and others in the second editing phase. Right now, I am trying to get all these projects in the same place at once. DONE!

I am shooting for the end of the year, which is right around the corner. (It seems like this year just started). If I can accomplish this, it will truly be a blessing.

In order to achieve this however, I will have to go on a self-imposed lockdown, for several days. Most of the time it's no more than four days.

However, looking over the stories I have, I might be stretching those. LOL But I will definitely have more of them to reach my goal.

This last lockdown, I was working on two stories. Both WIPs. I managed to add four chapters to each story and my completion is 95% on both. YAY!

So you see, lockdowns can be very productive. The hard part is--doing it!