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Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What I have Planned! What do you Have Planned?

Hello my friends! 

We made it through another year. My how time flies. And if you’re like me, you probably had a few New Year’s resolutions from last year. 

Did you keep them all? Or did you do half, or at the very least attempt at some? 

I was pretty good this year.  

My one New Year’s resolution, that had nothing to do with writing was losing weight. 

When I went to RT in 2011 and saw pictures of myself, I wanted to cry. I was a whopping 193 pounds! YIKES! I’m only 5’7” guys, so that was a lot of meat on this frame. 

The hubster, the sweetheart that he is didn’t say anything to me. As a matter of fact, when I asked him to help me lose the weight I wanted, he looked at me and said: (Bless his heart). “You look great! I don’t see it.” 

I know love is blind, but really. But then again the hubster and I have been together for over 25 years, not as a married couple, but just knowing each other. So I guess when you see someone every day you don’t really notice. 

Plus the fact I carried this weight pretty well, as well as can be expected for nearly 200 pounds! 

Now as some of you know, the hubster is an ex bodybuilder. He still works out regularly too, so for a 49 year old he looks damn good. 

I’m 48 and I wanted to look damn good too! So he put me on a strict exercise routine and modified my diet. The diet part was kinda hard. Being that he’s Sicilian and can cook his ass off, the food he makes is irresistible. 

But he taught me how to eat, not deprive myself and still lose the weight. 

I started this journey in February of 2011. 

I am happy to report that I am now a healthy and still curvy 143! Yes 50 pounds gone. 

But really losing the weight isn’t the hard part. It’s keeping it off. And that’s not going to be a New Year’s resolution, that is going to be a lifestyle! 

Okay, now on to book stuff resolutions. 

There were a couple of books that I wanted to get finished last year which I did, and one of them will be coming out January 18th

The title of the book is LOVE THY NEIGHBOR’S NEPHEW Here is the cover:

It’s a cougar story and it is smokin’! 


My other book that is loooong over due is CABIN FEVER. Here is the cover for that one:


It’s still in the final editing stage. I don’t know when that one will be out, but it will be hopefully this Spring. 

It’s a Ménage a trois story. Super hot! Super kinky. 

Those two stories were my main concern, plus a couple of others I got out there and I will put the links to those below 

Here’s my main New Year’s resolution. 


Yes, I plan to step out on my own with some books. What genre will these be? It will vary. 

If you’re like me you have several finished and unfinished manuscripts on your hard drive or sitting on your shelf as a hard copy.  I have four romance/erotica books that I am working on simultaneously. I also have a couple of mysteries and espionage stories (Those two genres are my passion) 

This is new for me and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and how to go about doing it. But I see a lot of writers out there getting their books out so I said, why not me? 

In order to not jump in the pool with no life preserver, I did buy a book on the subject. In fact, I bought several books, but this one is the best one. It’s very inspiration. Not inspirational in the scene of being religious, but in a way that tells me: “Gee, I can do this!” 

It answers a lot of doubts that we as authors might have about self publishing too.  It’s a very simple read, not too technical. There is a section that goes techie, but that’s about how to format and upload your books and doing your covers. But that’s it.

So here’s the book and buy links. THE BUSINESS OF SELF-PUBLICATION. 




It’s worth the price. At least I think so. In fact, I am so sure and confidant now, that I know I will have at least five self pub books out by the end of Summer!
Am I scared to step out on my own like this. Sure am, and from what I read in this book, there is a lot of stuff that I will be doing on my own that my epublishers did for me.


Will I still go through epubs? Sure, every now and then I will have a book pop up with one of my epublishers. But I just want to see if I can do this on my own too. 

Now on the social network resolutions.

I go through this every year. I say that I’m going to update my blogs, post interesting stuff, go to my other hundreds of social networks and yadda, yadda, yadda. 

SIGH. We’re going to try this again. But this time I have help.

A mutual friend of the hubster and I has agreed to take dictation from me and post.


That is a big help, you just don’t know. 

So, how often are these posts going be? At the very least once a month. I mean, I think I can swing that.

What will my posts be about? 

First of all I need to finish some series I started already. The one being, Finding Love and Danger series about my relationship with my Israeli soldier man. 

I will also have more guest bloggers. AND by popular demand, a blog explaining my relationship with the hubster, and a mutual friend of ours. 

They both did on blog on Lady Isis’s website. Here are the links to those:

And people loved it. So it’s time for me to explain some things too. LOL! 

So that’s it folks my New Year’s Resolutions. I know we have the same ones over and over and we try to accomplish them, and I guess that’s the important thing. This time I plan to finish them. 

So what are yours? Leave a comment below and share. And leave a comment with what you would like to see more in my blog. 

Now for shameless plugs! Clink on the BUY LINK by eack book below for purchase if you like. They are all my books I have out. Some you already have others you’ve probably never heard of. 










Also, Show my girl Madame TripleX some love. She has two raunchy sex books and will be coming out with another one by Spring. Here are her two:




That’s it for now. Catch you cats later!