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Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What I have Planned! What do you Have Planned?

Hello my friends! 

We made it through another year. My how time flies. And if you’re like me, you probably had a few New Year’s resolutions from last year. 

Did you keep them all? Or did you do half, or at the very least attempt at some? 

I was pretty good this year.  

My one New Year’s resolution, that had nothing to do with writing was losing weight. 

When I went to RT in 2011 and saw pictures of myself, I wanted to cry. I was a whopping 193 pounds! YIKES! I’m only 5’7” guys, so that was a lot of meat on this frame. 

The hubster, the sweetheart that he is didn’t say anything to me. As a matter of fact, when I asked him to help me lose the weight I wanted, he looked at me and said: (Bless his heart). “You look great! I don’t see it.” 

I know love is blind, but really. But then again the hubster and I have been together for over 25 years, not as a married couple, but just knowing each other. So I guess when you see someone every day you don’t really notice. 

Plus the fact I carried this weight pretty well, as well as can be expected for nearly 200 pounds! 

Now as some of you know, the hubster is an ex bodybuilder. He still works out regularly too, so for a 49 year old he looks damn good. 

I’m 48 and I wanted to look damn good too! So he put me on a strict exercise routine and modified my diet. The diet part was kinda hard. Being that he’s Sicilian and can cook his ass off, the food he makes is irresistible. 

But he taught me how to eat, not deprive myself and still lose the weight. 

I started this journey in February of 2011. 

I am happy to report that I am now a healthy and still curvy 143! Yes 50 pounds gone. 

But really losing the weight isn’t the hard part. It’s keeping it off. And that’s not going to be a New Year’s resolution, that is going to be a lifestyle! 

Okay, now on to book stuff resolutions. 

There were a couple of books that I wanted to get finished last year which I did, and one of them will be coming out January 18th

The title of the book is LOVE THY NEIGHBOR’S NEPHEW Here is the cover:

It’s a cougar story and it is smokin’! 


My other book that is loooong over due is CABIN FEVER. Here is the cover for that one:


It’s still in the final editing stage. I don’t know when that one will be out, but it will be hopefully this Spring. 

It’s a Ménage a trois story. Super hot! Super kinky. 

Those two stories were my main concern, plus a couple of others I got out there and I will put the links to those below 

Here’s my main New Year’s resolution. 


Yes, I plan to step out on my own with some books. What genre will these be? It will vary. 

If you’re like me you have several finished and unfinished manuscripts on your hard drive or sitting on your shelf as a hard copy.  I have four romance/erotica books that I am working on simultaneously. I also have a couple of mysteries and espionage stories (Those two genres are my passion) 

This is new for me and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and how to go about doing it. But I see a lot of writers out there getting their books out so I said, why not me? 

In order to not jump in the pool with no life preserver, I did buy a book on the subject. In fact, I bought several books, but this one is the best one. It’s very inspiration. Not inspirational in the scene of being religious, but in a way that tells me: “Gee, I can do this!” 

It answers a lot of doubts that we as authors might have about self publishing too.  It’s a very simple read, not too technical. There is a section that goes techie, but that’s about how to format and upload your books and doing your covers. But that’s it.

So here’s the book and buy links. THE BUSINESS OF SELF-PUBLICATION. 




It’s worth the price. At least I think so. In fact, I am so sure and confidant now, that I know I will have at least five self pub books out by the end of Summer!
Am I scared to step out on my own like this. Sure am, and from what I read in this book, there is a lot of stuff that I will be doing on my own that my epublishers did for me.


Will I still go through epubs? Sure, every now and then I will have a book pop up with one of my epublishers. But I just want to see if I can do this on my own too. 

Now on the social network resolutions.

I go through this every year. I say that I’m going to update my blogs, post interesting stuff, go to my other hundreds of social networks and yadda, yadda, yadda. 

SIGH. We’re going to try this again. But this time I have help.

A mutual friend of the hubster and I has agreed to take dictation from me and post.


That is a big help, you just don’t know. 

So, how often are these posts going be? At the very least once a month. I mean, I think I can swing that.

What will my posts be about? 

First of all I need to finish some series I started already. The one being, Finding Love and Danger series about my relationship with my Israeli soldier man. 

I will also have more guest bloggers. AND by popular demand, a blog explaining my relationship with the hubster, and a mutual friend of ours. 

They both did on blog on Lady Isis’s website. Here are the links to those:

And people loved it. So it’s time for me to explain some things too. LOL! 

So that’s it folks my New Year’s Resolutions. I know we have the same ones over and over and we try to accomplish them, and I guess that’s the important thing. This time I plan to finish them. 

So what are yours? Leave a comment below and share. And leave a comment with what you would like to see more in my blog. 

Now for shameless plugs! Clink on the BUY LINK by eack book below for purchase if you like. They are all my books I have out. Some you already have others you’ve probably never heard of. 










Also, Show my girl Madame TripleX some love. She has two raunchy sex books and will be coming out with another one by Spring. Here are her two:




That’s it for now. Catch you cats later!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello everyone!

Yes, I have been M.I.A. for a good few months. Well, there as been a lot of changes going on in my career and it’s all good.

Right now I am in the middle of editing two new books that will be due out, hopefully the end of the year.

One is CABIN FEVER. It’s an IR Ménage, and the other is LOVING THY NEIGHBOR’S NEPHEW, a real naughty cougar story.

Also, as some of you may know, I went to the London Olympics. It’s a family affair for the Olympics, in fact this year there were 150 of us!

I’m behind on posting the pics and what we did, but I will be doing that shortly, just bear with me. LOL.

Also, I am doing guest bloggling and I will be having guests on my blog again very soon, so I will keep you posted on those.

I will also be updating a lot of ongoing stories I have here. The main one, Love and Danger, about my stay in Israel and dating an Israeli solider.

So thanks for hanging with me and stay tuned for exciting things to come!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Meet Scarlet Hunter...and her Sea Gods!

When did you put your first words to paper?

Wow. I guess you could say I actually put my first words down around age 10 or so. When I told my mother I had a book coming out she laughed and said, ‘I knew this day would come.” She stood up from her chair and walked up stairs, seconds later returning with a packet full of stories I had written many years ago. We snickered and giggled while looking over them all. It’s funny how a child’s mind works, because all the stories were about cats. *laughs out loud* But, it meant so much to me when my mother told me she knew one day I’d find my calling and she always thought it would be writing. Strange thing is I never knew…not until I picked up my first romance novel in January 2010 and realized how much I would love to write a story of my own.  Now years later, I have three stories published.
What genre do you prefer to write?

I absolutely love paranormal & fantasy. The endless possibilities where one can take the imagination simply fascinates me.
Which genre would you like to experiment in?
Ummmmm…I’d like to experiment with writing a good mystery. Which actually, now that you mention it, I am writing one with a good friend and fellow author, LaVerne Thompson. We are co-writing a story together that involves mystery and suspense. I can honestly say I am having a blast writing with her and am stoked about this storyline. I’ll keep that a secrete for now…*wiggles eye brows*

I know this is not a genre, per say, but I would like to experiment writing more erotic, too. *Starts to blush*…I love to challenge myself and this area defiantly does just that. But I am having fun pushing myself and opening up in areas I never thought I could.

 Whom do you use as your muse for your hunky heroes?

I actually do have a muse. As you can probably already tell, I have used him in two of my book covers already. He is mysterious and so manly; exactly who I picture the heroes in my head to be as I write my stories. You will also find him in some of my video trailers as well. *winks* Gosh, is it getting hot in here? *begins to fan myself*

 I’ve read a lot of romance in all genres, whether it be historical, mystery, whatever. And sometimes the heroine gets on my nerves. What kind of heroines do you write and prefer?

I love to write strong, willful heroines. They don’t always start out that way, as you may find out in one of my stories. But it could be the affect the hero has on the heroine that might pull it out in the heroine. I enjoy reading and following a journey where a character not only finds love, but discovers who they truly are in the process. But I would prefer writing a headstrong heroine who can handle her own. And with some of my heroes, they need to be. *bursts out laughing*
Your latest work, it looks like a wild ride, Vamps, Sea gods, the whole nine! Where did you get the idea?

No doubt it started first with the location. I could listen to the tranquil sounds of the ocean forever and always wanted to write a love story based around that setting. The location I chose for Thirst of the Sea actually does exist and mixed it with my love of vampires. But I wanted to make it a little more interesting and in doing some research, I came up with the rest of the story and well…then the ideas just flowed from there. I am sure you can relate. *grins*
Tell us about your other previous work.

Snowline’s Visitor, part of A Special Christmas Anthology is my first published work and was released December, 2011 by Red Rose Publishing. I am thrilled to be among the other great writers in this anthology such as LaVerne Thompson, Eve Tesoro and E. W. Walsh. 

Then in April of this year, Red Rose published another story, Dust of Darkness, Book One to The Reign of Darkness series about Fairies and Demons. I can tell you, I loved writing the adventure between these characters.
What advise would you give budding writers?

Listen and follow your heart. For those with a passion for writing, follow your dreams and make them a reality. Stay strong and never let things get you down or stop you from following your passion. Life should be treasured and shared. I look at my love of writing as something to give back to those who love it as much as I do. 
I found out that you dabble in Role Playing. Could you tell us about it?

With pleasure. I write for a Storyteller Forum called, RP World/RPW. I love writing there because the characters I write challenge me mentally. From a Vampire King named King Kelt Ignis trying to protect and save his race, to a very arrogant and shall we say egotistical Lykos werewolf, whose name is none other than, Priculici Cane Reaper, aka Pric. *laughs* Then I also write under several vampires (Larken Nicolescu and Zachari Enfante) and a demon (Killius Mashean) on occasion. With all those male species in my head, it is hard to control them sometimes. They don’t get along very well as you can imagine. *winks*

For those who have a passion for reading and writing, I invite them to join RPW. We are a huge family and the best thing is membership is FREE. So, if anyone is a fan of paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and more, you will feel right at home at RPW. It even has a poetry section! I guarantee it will blow your mind. They have ongoing storylines such as Nocterm Aeternam as well as many others.

And if you are a writher either unpublished or published, RPW is more than happy to have you join and you can apply to start your very own storyline with your own characters.
You can find out more by visting  And please stop by and say hello! *smiles*

 This one’s a little personal. When you write, are you in conservative attires or are you letting it all hang out?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  I write whenever, wherever and have written in many shall we say different attires. Hahaha  It can be in blue jeans and a tee shirt to all comfy in my pajamas curled up in bed with my laptop in my lap. When an idea hits me, it doesn’t matter what I am doing or where I am…I’ll stop to jot down the ideas….*winks*   

 What are your future projects?

Wow….How long do we have for this interview? Hahaha  Lets see…I am working on book two for both my current series, The Reign of Darkness and Arise of the Guardians (Snowline’s Visitor is book one). I also have two different manuscripts I am working on and also co-writing with another author as I mentioned above. 

I have also started my own self-publishing business called Lucky Clover Publishing. Now I do love my publisher and will continue to devote work to them, but I also wanted to dip into this and have some fun. I am hoping to have Lucky Clover’s first release either the end of 2012 or early 2013. You can follow LCP at and

And if that is not enough…hahaha…I and two very good friends of mine, LaVerne Thompson and Janet Aponte partnered together to start a video trailer making business. Epic3 Productions, LLC. The business is semi new at the moment, but we have already produced some great trailers. I am very excited about where this will take us. If anyone reading this needs a video trailer for their book, feel free to contact us. Our biggest focus is bringing your vision to LIFE™

Video Link:

 Tell us where you can get all your books.

Gladly. All my books can be found at Red Rose Publishing’s website, as well as All Romance Ebooks,
-                    Snowline’s Visitor, part of A Special Christmas Anthology
-                    Dust of Darkness
-                    Thirst of the Sea

Stephanie…I certainly want to thank you for allowing me to stop by and chat with you a while. I am very grateful to be here today and thank you for making me feel so welcome.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little Taste of Walsh


Hey Everyone! I would like to introduce to you a new friend of mine. She’s big in the role Playing world, and she also has a couple of books out and another baby one the way. Ahem…another book that is, that she is co-authoring.

So lets get to know Ms. Elizabeth Walsh…

Ever since I was young, my imagination took me to wondrous places in far off lands with castles and fairies, even a few dragons.  I fought alongside Red Beard on a pirate ship. I climbed the highest peaks in Tibet. My dreams took me to ancient Rome and into the farthest reaches of the galaxy.  I loved to daydream of so many different things, places, and people. I learned that through reading new worlds opened up so I became an avid reader of all genres and spent hours even in the summer at the public library. My imaginings also brought out my creativity, which I expressed in a myriad of mediums. 

I started out drawing and doodling throughout the day, even during school, which is not easy when you go to a small Catholic school. My love of art bloomed in elementary school and I started working with paint instead of pen and ink. In high school, I even won a few awards for several art projects and still to this day, I have many of those pieces hanging about my home.  During that time, I experienced fluctuating emotions like any teen though at the time I felt that only I understood such suffering (such as we all do).  I dealt with the swirling emotions and feelings of self-doubt through a new medium, poetry.  I wrote stanza after stanza, pouring out my pain onto the page. The words expressed my deepest thoughts I felt I couldn’t share with the world. I also became an insatiable reader of poetry but the greats such as Poe, Stein, and Plath.  The summer I graduated, I was able to attend Oxford University in England for a summer session where I developed my love of photography.

Though I continued to write poetry, draw, paint, and take photos, when my son was born, I dedicated my time to finishing my education and taking care of him. Deep in my heart, I always wanted to write a book as my thoughts always followed a marvelous path weaving through valleys and caves, dungeons and clouds. My greatest accomplishment remained one solitary published poem, Fairy Dance. In the fall of 2010, I forced myself to read for pleasure as over the years previous, I had read mostly schoolwork. (apparently there is a lot of reading in a PhD program – who knew?)

I fell upon role-playing on Facebook. Now, in my teens, I was a devoted Dungeons and Dragons player, so I thought what fun and escape form work/school/mother continuum. I started with a group and met some wonderful (and not so) people.  One of those people was LaVerne Thompson. She took me under her wing and encouraged me to write. After convincing me to submit a story for inclusion in a Christmas anthology, I decided that I would spread my wings and soar to achieve this lifetime goal of being a published author. I received my wish in December of 2011 when A Special Christmas anthology came out from Red Rose Publishing with three of my friends (LaVerne Thompson, Scarlet Hunter, and Eve Tesoro) My story, A Wolf of the Frozen Sea, is a paranormal romance about a wayward human that finds himself in love with a not so normal female. This moment was one of the proudest in my life to share one of my stories with the world and do so with friends!

Now that I have my feet wet, oh it is on! I wrote a sequel to my first story and Frozen Hearts released on May 31, 2012 from Red Rose Publishing.  I am working on a few pieces from several genres like a Sci-Fi and more romance. Currently, I am working on a full-length novel series with an awesome coauthor, Andie Michaels that should have the first book releasing at summer’s end. This story follows a vampire warrior struggles to deal with the loss of his beloved mentor while searching for an ancient artifact that can save or destroy the vampire race. The unexpected happens when he meets a guardian angel. Let’s just say that things get interesting for pair and those chasing them….

This journey brought the daydreamer home to her world of fairies, knights, monsters, and the like. I know this trek is far from over and I am honored to be able to take it with incredible friends.  I would love to have you join along with me…

Link for my book at red Rose

My Website: 

 My Facebook author page

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Inside the Head of a Smut Writer

Hello Madame, it’s a pleasure to finally meet and talk with you.  We have some interesting questions and inquiring minds want to know, how does a Smut writer think. So I hope you’re ready!

Why do you write triple X stuff?

Hmm, tough one right off the bat. LOL.  Let’s see. Well, I think women are more sexually in-tuned now than they ever been. Meaning, the old romance books that your mother and mother’s mother use to read are not that exciting to the senses anymore; at least as far as turning them on.

That’s not to say they aren’t good, but I believe women are just as visual as men now. They want to “see” and feel a story too. They also want to get turned on—quick! LOL

So I’ve noticed a trend going on in the erotica industry. Erotica has always been out, but compared to what I’m reading now, that was soft erotica!  I see more stories of hardcore (yet romantic) sex. I see those words being used that the other romance books turned pale over. You know the ones. The “C” word and other descriptive phrases that refer to the vagina.

And this stuff is turning women on and they like it. Some just won’t admit it.

So, I said, let me give it a shot. I write stuff that’s in the back of a lot of women’s minds, but they are afraid to voice it, but they want to read it. Even if it’s in the dark.

What makes your work beyond erotica?

Most erotica doesn’t have a HEA necessarily. It doesn’t have to.  I ALWAYS have my couples have an HEA and still be smutty and raunchy. LOL.

Do you think this work is more popular now because we’re an older more experienced generation, so we’re more open to it?

Oh yes! Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve come a long way baby. I think as a society, we are realizing for the first time that sex can actually be fun. Really! And for the first time, we’re not guilty about it. In fact, a lot of us our shouting from the rooftops!

 I noticed your writing has more visual aspects to it. Are you trying to cater to the male audience as well?

Of course. My writing is mainly for couples, although reading one of my books under the covers alone is okay too. LOL. But I would like to think that couples are in bed with their Kindle or Nook reading my words, and getting horny as hell!

Your work is borderline pornographic but at the same time, it has a back-story with loving couples. Is that on purpose?

Yes. I listen to my fan base and others out there. They DO want some story plot and characterizations, not just sex. Remember, erotica or raunchy sex books, just has more sexual acts on the page than the typical romance or romantica stories. The wording is also more graphic and so are the sex acts. If you’re not squeamish and have a block of ice and the air conditioner blasting, then you can read my works. LOL

Are your stories from “personal” experiences? WINK WINK!

I plead the fifth.

Do you think women find your work a turn on or a turn off?

A turn on. Like I said before, they might not admit to reading this kind of stuff, but they are.  In fact, some female readers are saying, “It’s about time!”  Other readers might pick up one of my books, just to see if they can read it without the shame.

I tell people, just read the story and think of it as a guilty indulgence. Something that you’ll do every now and then, but not obsessed with it.

I read your bio, that was hot in itself. Could you explain some of your upcoming works?

Sure. My bio by the way, tells my audience and potential audience right off, what I’m all about and what kind of works I write. So really, no one is that shocked.

My upcoming works are some “Confessionals”, Alien Abductions. Nothing like an alien creature bringing you to twenty orgasms or more! Also more role-playing series. Women love those especially. It allows them to put themselves in the heroine’s place and play out their deepest fantasy too.

What’s your personal favorite fantasy?

Wow. Good question. I think the taken by a stranger. That’s why I love SEX ABDUCTION, my latest. What woman hasn’t fantasized she’s taken by a strange man; that she believes looks like whoever the latest heartthrob is, and is completely under his control.

It’s the classic, give up control and no guilt fantasy. “I couldn’t help it, he made me do it.” LOL!

Here’s something to think about Madame, Chocolate before, after or during?

Hmmm. If I’m nervous, before. If it’s great and mind blowing, after. If I’m bored—during.

Well thanks for stopping by, and I am looking forward to reading all your works. I was a bit hesitant at first, but honestly, I think a lot of us (speaking of women) have a secret desire to read stuff that pushes the envelope.

Thanks so much for having me. This was a great interview. Loved the questions. SMOOCHES!





Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to Stephanie's World of Interracial Reads!

Hello all my erotic/romance/IR fans! Just thought I would come to you and list ALL my books I have written over the few years that I have been published. Also, I have great review links for most of them. The RED ROSE books were so long ago, I’m having trouble finding those reviews, but I have the buys links.

ALL my books you can get at Amazon, Barns and Noble and ARe. Just type in my name and the title and Presto! There I am! LOL!
So sit back and browse, and pick up a copy of a hot read!

My books from Decadent Publishing


Night Owl Reviews

Night Owl Reviews

The Romance Review

Night Owl Reviews

Sizzling Hot Reviews

Long and Short Reviews

Chocolicous Reviews

Sizzling Hot Reviews

Sizzling Hot Reviews

You Gotta Read Reviews

My books from Phaze

Fallen Angel Reviews

Fallen Angel Reviews

Just Erotic Romance Review



CoffeeTime Romance Review:


Manic Readers Review:

Long and Short Reviews:

RINGSIDE (Book 1 of the Three Sisters Series)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Let's Welcome Shiree McCarver! Award-Winning Author of J-Pop Love!

Hello Shiree and welcome! going to grill you on the epublishing industry. So let's get started!

1. When did you first start writing?

I was sixteen almost seventeen when I attempted to start writing my own stories. But because my dream was to be a vocalist I didn't take it serious and it was more for myself than anything.

2. What was your first published ebook?

A Satyr's Tale:Selby and Darius

3. Who was it published with?

My first experience that all publishers don't have your best interest at heart. It was Ocean's Mist.

4. what was your experience like with epublishing? Example, submitting your story, dealing with editors.

My experience in submitting stories was easy because everything goes at a faster pace when you can submit the cover letter and the entire manuscript. So far the only editor that I have with a publisher that didn't try to change the voice of my story into their own in someway by telling me what a character would say after I wrote it a certain way has been the only publisher I currently have a ebook with and that is Mocha Memoirs Press. I am an independent author because I don't always work well with editors. Not that I couldn't. I would love to find a publisher that had editors that actually like to edit. Most are editors who are writers at heart.

5. What advice would you give newbie authors that want to get into the epub world?

Don't sell your soul to the first ebook publisher that make you an offer. Do your home work and contact some of the authors you see published with them. Make your expectations clear and read even the boring fine print of the contracts before signing. A contract for a few years with a good publisher is a blessing, but it's hell with a bad one that continously claim you're you making any sales therefore no revenue and you can't publish it anywhere else. Also be aware that some publishers can contract the book and not publish it until they want to within that contracted time.

6. What should one look for in a good epublsiher?

Well if you enjoy the books they publish. The quality and the covers, and the fact they have a stable of well known authors then it's a good chance they will be a good epublisher or at least one that is good enough to want to work with you.

7. What are the red flags for a bad epub?

When you know you have submitted a book that isn't up to being your best yet and you know it but they love it without saying up front it needs work or if they are happy with a 5 page manuscript. Come on, even if they are happy with it are you really happy about cheating your readers? To me a 5 page story is a free read not a 2.50 book.

8. Are you eith any epub now/ If so which one and what are your books?

Only one. Mocha Memoirs Press. They ask for a short story for a Geeks in Love series that they were doing and they gave me the premise and location. It's called Zola's Magic Touch. It was my first short story because I'm not a short story writer, so alot of my readers felt cheated even though it wasn't my intention to do so. It's just the story between the characters took place in the span of a day. So it's not that they didn't like the story, they just want to know what happens ater that night. I said yes to Mocha's because I was very familiar with the ladies operating it and their work and I beleive in giving new publishers a chance because we all need someone to believe in us in the beginning. So far they are the only ones that have lived up to their promises to me as an epublisher. They also know I was very skittish in trusting them with my work because I've been burnt three times before.

9. I remember your doll Soap Opera. LOVED IT! are you putting that back or will you make that into a story for epub or self pub?

My Doll Soap opera is still available for anyone that isnterested as a free read on my website. I probably will not make it into a book because it's not the same without the great pictures to go with it so I made it into a online graphic novel on my website.

Here is a link for those that are interested.

10. Let's talk about the genre you write. I notice you write Black women/Asian men books. Not many writers do that in the IR field. What made you write it?

Honestly, I personaly adore Asian men so it was an easy thing for me to do. I mean in the end don't we write about the things and they men we love. My first Black woman/Asian man book was J-Pop Love song and that became a book based on my own fantasies over a paticular Japanese Pop Artist who I won't mention. So I start asking what if's and turned it into a free read for the members of my yahoo group and the before it was done I had one of my best books completed. Of course the publisher didn't do it justice and it will be a forever regret of mine that I didn't just go with my intincts and publisher it myself, but I thought going through a publisher it would get the wider audience I thought it deserved instead it stunted it and me from as big as it could have been because I had two more books planned to follow it when I originally wrote it and now it breaks my heart every time I try to go back and revisit the characters because it was so personal to my heart when I wrote it. I exposed alot of my personal longings in that book.

11. Do you think there should be an epub just for that genre? That would be cool.

I think they wouldn't be able to get enough good works submitted to keep it going and it would turn into a big joke. I mean even now how many very good Black female/Asian male books can you find out here that was written out of a sincere love and belief in these men as potential mates, husbands and father's to our children? Most of what I read is out there to fullfill a need and some of the authors are very sterotypical in their ideas about the culture they are writing about and I think it shows. You know they say "the devil is in the details".

12. Could you give a list of all your books?

A Satyr's Tale: Selby and Dairus; A Satyr's Tale: Zola and Sylus; Forever Moonlight; The Lord and the Scorpion; The Prince and the Panther; All I Want for Christmas; All I Want is You; A Holiday to Remember; Eternally I Do; The Flavor of Love; J-Pop Love Song; Visual-Kei Rock Star; Nola's Magic Touch; The Contract: Sunshine

13. What are you working on now? Anything current out now?

I'm currently doing research and backstory so I can begin the third installment of my African

female assassins series. Historicals are so time consuming and exhausting to put and keep your mind in the century you're writing about. It will be called The Pirate and the Cobra. My latest is the contemporary romantic comedy The Contract: Sunshine. It features my first Korean male with an African american female.

Best wishes,
Shiree McCarver

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let’s Get Organized for 2012!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, it’s been a good while since I updated my blog. And that’s what this Blog entry is about among other things.

As writers you know we have to be jugglers as well. We juggle family, friends a social life, and maybe a job outside of our writing career.

Now let’s add marketing and promoting.

If you’re an author with a BIG HOUSE publisher, like Random House. First off, congratulations. But you have an advantage that we, self-pub or ebook writers don’t have. You have a professional marketing team to pimp your book.

Don’t get me wrong. The ebook publishers that I belong to, do a great job in promoting my book. But let’s give them a break. These are a few people that not only run the epub, but do the website, the blogs, acquisitions, editing and tons of others things in the background. Sometimes there are no more than 8 people that run these epubs.

So for what they DO manage to do is outstanding. That’s why they also rely on us to help in the promo department. That’s where the other ball comes in to juggle.

Your epublisher can’t update your blog, your website, go on different forums and toot your horn for you. You have to realize that these epubs have one, maybe two marketing people and they have over 100 authors!

So here is the lowdown. We as self published authors and ebook authors have to bust our butts to get out there and pimp our books. Yes, that and write and edit, and go on social networks.

But how do we do all of this? You might be asking. I want to write! I have stories to tell. I don’t have time.


I know, I know. It’s hard as hell to keep up with all the groups, blogs and social networks. I think I belong to 8 of them. I don’t update my blog like I should, I’m guilty of that. I try. This year I will try harder.

And lets not talk about the writers that writer under different pen names and genres. (Which I do now). You have to establish and identity for that too and make the rounds on those blogs and social networks.

Is it impossible? No.

This is what I propose. And I plan to practice what I preach.

First of all, no one said you have to be on FB, Myspace, Google+ 24/7. I mean really. When will you have time to do ANYTHING, let alone write?
So why not set aside a day, an hour, a weekend to talk to all your internet buddies. Tell them that you plan to only participate in discussions, lets say Friday and Sunday nights. This way it doesn’t look like you’re ignoring your friends and you’re still active in the group.

I plan on Friday nights and Saturdays. Now, if there is a discussion I see in my inbox that I feel compelled to respond to or participate in, I will. Also, if I have a great topic I will post. Just let your buddies know that you are not ignoring them when a flood of comments come in to your post. You’ll respond, just not right away, but at least that week.

See how much free time you got already.

Now you can edit and get those story ideas down.

But how about the marketing and promoting? That’s where this time you set aside to go on those social networks come in. You promote and market at that time too. NO WRITING, NO EDITING. This is your social time, your pimping your book time.

You might ask how will I reach my deadlines. I need to multitask, right?

Multitasking is sooo overrated.

Look, doing one thing well, is better than doing several things mediocre. You’ll be surprised how much writing and editing you’ll get done by setting aside time to do something else. You won’t feel rushed or running around like a headless chicken.

Okay peeps. These are just my suggestions. You guys might have your own way of juggling your writing life. If so, please share.

Let’s make this year less frantic and more organized!