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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hello Everyone!

I’ve been busier than a toothless beaver these past couple of months, but it have been very productive! Let me update ya’ll! LOL!

First off I have several new books coming out next year! Here is the cover to the first book. Isn’t it dreamy? It’s my début book with a wonderful publisher Decadent – go check them out! Decadent:

I have several other books with them, but those are coming out later, I also have a pending book with them, so cross your fingers folks! Phaze is another publisher that I contracted with. I have a book that I co-wrote with my good writer friend LaVerne Thompson, titled Model MisBehavior and my own solo story Friends Upgrade. Those too are coming out later next year.

See I told you I was busy. I will blog about how I cracked down on myself and accomplished this daunting task of completing stories soon.

Right now, here’s a little blurb tease to what FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY is about:

Marty and Jerry gets more than Lacy’s creative juices flowing!

Lacy Cunningham is a prolific writer in the romance and erotica industry. However, for the first time, she is stumped by her latest project. A Ménage a trois. She’s done everything to help get her creative juice flowing. Reading others works, buying non-fiction books on the subject and renting DVDs. Everything short of participating in the act itself.

Marty, her boyfriend and Jerry her first crush from college are more than willing to help her with her research. When Marty mentions the possibilities and Jerry arrives in town for vacation, Lacy begins to mull over taking her studies a bit further. But it’s going to take a lot of prodding on the guys’ part before she indulges in that kind of research.

I will update you a release date and more of my upcoming books!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Stacy-Deanne, Award-Winning Crime Fiction, Mystery & Interracial Romance Novelist

Hello everybody and welcome to my Blog. I have a very special guest and I must say I am more than delighted to have her. She’s an Awarding winning Mystery writer of IR mysteries. Yes you read right. IR mysteries! She is the writer of several books:
Everlasting, Melody and coming soon Giving Up The Ghost.

I am honored that she has taken the time to stop by and visit and answer a few questions. So let me introduce to you, Stacy-Deanne.

First tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Houston. I still live here. I'm a single child. I've been writing professionally since I was nineteen. I am single and I have no kids or pets. LOL. I'm 6'0 tall. That's right, 6'0. I consider myself a proud introvert because I love spending time alone and having my own space. I love to read a lot of the classics, and all types of mysteries and crime novels. I am a big sucker for historical romance novels as well. Most people describe me as a "storyteller and not a status seeker" and I couldn't agree more. It's the writing and art that's important to me over anything else.

Lets start with the 3rd degree...ahem I mean questions. LOL!

1.There are not a lot of African American mystery writers out. In fact I can only think of two off the top of my head. Why did you choose that genre?

SD: It comes naturally. I’ve always been a crime fiction and mystery buff. I’ve always liked these types of books and movies as a kid. To me there’s nothing more exciting than solving a crime or mystery. I love a compelling plot where I have to use my brain as well as something that entertains.

2.When did you first start writing?

SD: I started professionally at nineteen.

3.When did you finally realize that this wasn't just going to be a hobby?

SD: The moment I started writing my first story I knew it was gonna be something I wanted to do professionally. I loved writing so much and I wanted to work and become the best writer I could and seek publication.

4.How do you plan your stories? Do you already know who did and why? LOL

SD: LOL. I don’t know anything but the basics when I start. I start with a simple plot line of what I want the main plot to be and then I go from there. I don’t know what happens or what’s gonna happen until I start writing. The great thing about writing mysteries is that you can make any character the villain if you fix it up right. There are so many possibilities but you try to pick the most compelling and interesting. I also make sure I shock and surprise folks at every turn.

5. Your characters, do they stem from someone you know, friends, family? Or are they people would actually like to meet.

SD: No my characters come straight from my mind. Folks I know in real life wouldn’t be that interesting as characters. LOL!

6. Every writer gets the dreaded Writer's Block. In fact I posted something about it here and how I dealt with it. How do you deal and overcome it?

SD: I’ve learned that usually Writer’s Block is triggered by either mental exhaustion or when a writer is trying to force something in a story that just doesn’t work. We must remember that our brains need rest just like any other muscle we use all the time. I think it’s easy for writers to forget that. So if it’s a case of exhaustion, I take a break. Most times taking a break is the best thing to overcome WB because your mind regroups. Nine times out of ten you come back with even better ideas for a stronger story. When it’s a case of forcing something, I’ve learned not to do that anymore. If I find myself struggling to write a scene I take that as a sign it doesn’t need to be in there and usually I’m right. So I go to another angle. Once you admit something isn’t working it makes it easier to continue the story.

7.How many hours do you write a day? And do you stick to that even if you get nothing written down?

SD: I don’t keep up with my writing in terms of hours to be honest. I take breaks in between and it’s different than when I first started writing years ago. When I first started I wrote constantly, every hour of every day. As time goes by, schedules change. Simply, if I am writing a story then I just write on it as much as possible. Most times you can’t get me off a story but some days I might not be into it so I won’t write at all. I also type very fast so I am someone who could write only a few hours a day and get through many chapters opposed to someone who might spend the entire day doing the same thing. But it’s not a race. Every author has his or her own pace. As long as you get the job done, that’s what’s important. As for sticking to writing even when you got nothing to write, nope. If I don’t have anything to write or my mind isn’t focused on writing that day, I take a break. I don’t force it.

8. Your fans love your books. Are there any particular requests from your fans on the next kind of story you write?

SD: Most of them ask when the next one is coming out or what projects I’m working on. I also have a lot of fans that are new writers and some ask me for input or advice. No one has suggested what I should write next or anything but they do tell me if they want a follow up to a book I’ve written and ask if I’m doing a sequel.

9. Which book is your favorite, or are they all your babies? LOL

SD: Up until I started my upcoming series it had always been Melody. I just fell in love with that story. But now it’s the series with Bree and Steven because I’m excited about releasing a crime/mystery and interracial romance series. I don’t think that’s been done before. I love bringing crime and mystery to the interracial romance audience. It’s very exciting and a lot of people say they love the fact that not only I’m black and writing mysteries, but that I incorporate interracial romance into it as well. I know the IR audience is always open to more genres in that category.

10.How did you feel when that first book was published?

SD: I was very happy of course but I don’t think I’ll be happier than I will be when “Giving up the Ghost” is released. I am so excited about this series, I can’t tell you how much! To me, that’s gonna be like it’s the very first time. I truly feel that way.

11.What's the latest news for Stacy-Deanne?

SD: I have a lot of exciting things going on! I am so happy about my fourth release, “Giving up the Ghost”. It’s the first installment of my crime/mystery and interracial romance series. I’ve already finished other installments and some standalone novels. So I’ve got a lot on my plate! There’s a sneak peek of “Giving up the Ghost” at my site.

12. Do you have a website/blog where readers can contact you?

SD: I’m all over the net but folks can check out my website:

Thanks so much, Stephanie! I appreciate the opportunity and the support!
And thank you for such a fantastic interview!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you guys know, that one, I'm still here. LOL! And two some exciting things have been happening and are continuing to happen.

At the moment however, I am very busy. I am working on two stories at once. WHEW! What was I thinking? But surprisingly enough, it's going very smoothly. I did something different with the one story, I did an outline and I'm sticking with it. So it's forcing me not to stray.

Once I finish the story I can go back and change, rearrange or whatever, but at least the first draft will be complete. I might try this for a while and see what happens with future projects.

Anywho, stay tuned. I will be having excerpts to new stories (Ooops! just gave a way something), and guest author interviews coming soon!

Take care and be Blessed!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Writer's Lockdown

Hello everyone!

I am briefly going to talk about what a Writer's Lockdown is. A lot of us do this, it's when you shut everything down that could be a distraction and only concentrate on writing.

That means NO social networks! No Facebook, no Myspace, no Twitter, no blogging, even email. YIKES!. Basically you are shutting yourself off from the rest of the world!

Since in this day and age, most of our contact with others is through the internet and these many social networks, this could seem very daunting. But in many cases it's necessary.

Let me tell you why I did it and why I will be doing it a couple of more times in the coming weeks.

I have several projects going, some near completion, some in the first editing phase and others in the second editing phase. Right now, I am trying to get all these projects in the same place at once. DONE!

I am shooting for the end of the year, which is right around the corner. (It seems like this year just started). If I can accomplish this, it will truly be a blessing.

In order to achieve this however, I will have to go on a self-imposed lockdown, for several days. Most of the time it's no more than four days.

However, looking over the stories I have, I might be stretching those. LOL But I will definitely have more of them to reach my goal.

This last lockdown, I was working on two stories. Both WIPs. I managed to add four chapters to each story and my completion is 95% on both. YAY!

So you see, lockdowns can be very productive. The hard part is--doing it!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking through Writer's Block

Hello Gang!

This is going to be short and sweet.

We all experience it and bang our heads against the computer screen when we see a blank "page".

What happened?

You started out fast, writing at least two chapters a day! The story was poppin', the characters were talking to you, the plot was amazing. Then BAM! You can't write a damn word now. You wonder if you can get the passion back into your story. You wonder if the characters will come back to you and say sweet nothings in your ear again.

You even begin to have doubts about being a writer!

What do you do?

First, don't panic.

This happens to every writer, even Stephen King (we hope, LOL). I can't give you answers as to why this happens. It happens to me all the time, in fact just recently. But, hey, I'm back in the saddle again!

So since we don't know why this phenomenon happens, let's just deal with the solutions.

1. Put the story aside for a few days, weeks, even months. When the muse hits you again, take it out.

2. Read! Read a story that is in the genre you're writing. OR, if you prefer, read something totally different. I'm a history buff, I love non-fiction. I just finished reading a book on the French Revolution!

3. Hang out with friends and family. Do something fun. I love to hang with my girlfriends and go shopping. Love the cosmetic counters and shoes!

4. Watch television. This doesn't have to be intellectual stuff, a reality show would even do. There's A LOT of material there!

5. Spends some "Me Time". Nothing better than doing absolutely NOTHING! Go to a spa and get pampered. Go to a park and people watch.

6. Hang out at other writer's and readers groups. This can help put that spark back too. Bounce ideas off each other, you never know, you might break through that writer's block AND start a new story!

So you see, there is no need to push the panic button. there are plenty of things you can do to ease your mind or help you along.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Submitting new stories---the waiting!

It's always exciting getting new story ideas and fleshing them out. To get a spark of a story and see it grow into this full manuscript, with true to life (or over the top) characters is a thrill.

The pain comes in when you go back to edit. Sometimes you get the help of a crit partner. If she/he is good and you can take constructive criticism it could be relatively painless. You might go through two to four rounds of editing and re-writing, but the end result is a tight well written, clean manuscript. At least clean enough that when you submit it to that publisher, the editing department doesn't go crazy, or they flat out reject you because they can't see past all the typos and other technical stuff.

After you got all that done, the real pain come is. Submitting your work and waiting. And waiting...and waiting.

This is what I am going through now.

I just finished a piece of work that a fellow writer helped with editing. I went through several rounds, but my story is tight and flows great.

So after the horrid writing of the synopsis (will talk about that in another post), doing a chapter outline and cover letter, I submitted my baby.

The publisher was great in getting back to me asap and letting me know they have it and they will get back with me soon.

Soon, is a relative word I'm finding out in this business. LOL!

Is that a weeks, a few days, a couple of months? Who knows.

But there are a few good things about the wait (yes, there is a silver lining). It allows me to work on more stories until I hear back from them, and that is one story I completed and submitted and not collecting virtual dust on my hard drive

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This was a first for me, but not my last! I had fun writing this. Instead of having the typical brooding Vamp, I gave this one a sense of humor and sarcasim.

Darian Keane is taking a well-deserved vacation on his private lake. Being the owner of one of the largest advertising agencies can be stressful, so what better way to relax. His agenda? Fishing one day, sailing the next, hanging out with his buddy. Yep, just a hard working vampire getting some good old fashioned R&R.

The locals and the college kids didn't get the memo.

Darian has been dealing with skinny-dippers for the past five years. Nothing has worked. So he was tempted to go Vamp on everyone there, until he sees her. His life mate. She's one of the college hoodlums dipping in his lake. But that's okay. He's planning a summer seduction now, so rest and relaxation can take a back seat.

Alicia just graduated from college. Now it's time to par-tay! The party animals, a.k.a., the Gammas, assured her and her friends that this lake was the place to be seen--even if it's naked.

The owner of the lake doesn't think so. But instead of being frightened by the mysterious man with the crazy rumors swirling around him, she is attracted to him and her curiosity has her spending the summer with him.

Was this smart?


This is my book. It's the second installment of the THE THREE SISTERS SERIES.

This is Brittany's Story.

For the first time, Brittany Reese is going to take an actual non-working vacation. Being the owner and publisher of Colorful Travels Magazine, her job allows her to travel all over the globe. However it's always work. Well, this time it's all about her. Her destination—Finland.

Yeah, of all places. It wasn't planned, it just happened thanks to a certain ex. Oh well, she wasn't going to shop anyway, this was more like a Sabbatical. Although she loved her career, there was still something missing. She didn't know if it was work or her lack luster love life. But she was going to find out and Finland was perfect. Drama free.

Sebastian Jalo never believed in fate. But seeing the dark beauty on his favorite clothing optional beach was making him a believer. This was the fourth time in as many years that he's seen her, but he never got a chance to approach her, she was always busy. Well this time was as better time as any.

Besides, he could use a little excitement in his life. Being a graphic artist for the Government of Finland didn't actually scream party!

My review fro Coffee Time Romance:


This is my second book with Red Rose Publishing. I co-wrote this one with my good friend LaVerne Thompson. It's Book One of THE THREE SISTERS SERIES. This is Atlanta's story.

You can purchase it at Red Rose.

Has she found answers or just more lies?

Atlanta's life was spiraling out of control, until she read a self-help book by an older woman whose words could have been her own life story. But she needed to talk to the woman for herself and tracked her down.

Hank Gaines former middle-weight boxing champion had seen it all and done most of it. Finally walking away from his fame, he thought he could help others, but no one wanted to read about life choices from a man's point of view. Certainly not the women who could benefit most. Hank had no choice but to use a pseudonym, a female one. He never regretted it more than when the brown eyed beauty walked into his bar one night, one look in those soulful eyes, and he was knocked out for the count.

Will Hank's deception cost him the love of his life?

My review from Coffee Time Romance:

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is my first book. I am so appreciative of RED ROSE for giving my chance. The link to buy is at the bottom of the book.

Who is going to fix who up with what?

Alexis Harrison has bought the American Dream. She purchased a huge Colonial fixer-upper in a posh neighborhood. She’s now ready to have a house warming party. All she has to do is find the right person or persons to help her do all the hard work. No problem. She has met and hooked up with the local handyman, the sexy Tony Castellano. But when her house starts falling apart at the seams, so does she. But Tony is there ready to fix things—and not just the house.

Tony Castellano, wants to be more than the local handyman to the sexy new neighbor Alexis Harrison. But he’s willing to fix her windows, her pipes and anything else that needs repair as long as he’s near her. But fate has come knocking. Now her house is a total wreak and she needs a place to stay. Now he can show her he can fix more than pipes.

Will Tony heat up more than the water or will Alexis deep freeze him

My review from Coffee Time Romance:


Welcome! My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a writer of all things Interracial. That includes erotica, romance, mysteries and anything in-between.

I believe we are all one race, the human race. But love, as in people come in many different hues.

Join me and read my books on love, suspense and sometimes just plain hot sex!

I will be posting the books I have out so far and updating you on WIPs. I will be posting excerpts from my works and reading all your comments and suggestions. Yes! You can make suggestion on what you like to see in a story.

I'll be seeing ya!