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Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Stacy-Deanne, Award-Winning Crime Fiction, Mystery & Interracial Romance Novelist

Hello everybody and welcome to my Blog. I have a very special guest and I must say I am more than delighted to have her. She’s an Awarding winning Mystery writer of IR mysteries. Yes you read right. IR mysteries! She is the writer of several books:
Everlasting, Melody and coming soon Giving Up The Ghost.

I am honored that she has taken the time to stop by and visit and answer a few questions. So let me introduce to you, Stacy-Deanne.

First tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Houston. I still live here. I'm a single child. I've been writing professionally since I was nineteen. I am single and I have no kids or pets. LOL. I'm 6'0 tall. That's right, 6'0. I consider myself a proud introvert because I love spending time alone and having my own space. I love to read a lot of the classics, and all types of mysteries and crime novels. I am a big sucker for historical romance novels as well. Most people describe me as a "storyteller and not a status seeker" and I couldn't agree more. It's the writing and art that's important to me over anything else.

Lets start with the 3rd degree...ahem I mean questions. LOL!

1.There are not a lot of African American mystery writers out. In fact I can only think of two off the top of my head. Why did you choose that genre?

SD: It comes naturally. I’ve always been a crime fiction and mystery buff. I’ve always liked these types of books and movies as a kid. To me there’s nothing more exciting than solving a crime or mystery. I love a compelling plot where I have to use my brain as well as something that entertains.

2.When did you first start writing?

SD: I started professionally at nineteen.

3.When did you finally realize that this wasn't just going to be a hobby?

SD: The moment I started writing my first story I knew it was gonna be something I wanted to do professionally. I loved writing so much and I wanted to work and become the best writer I could and seek publication.

4.How do you plan your stories? Do you already know who did and why? LOL

SD: LOL. I don’t know anything but the basics when I start. I start with a simple plot line of what I want the main plot to be and then I go from there. I don’t know what happens or what’s gonna happen until I start writing. The great thing about writing mysteries is that you can make any character the villain if you fix it up right. There are so many possibilities but you try to pick the most compelling and interesting. I also make sure I shock and surprise folks at every turn.

5. Your characters, do they stem from someone you know, friends, family? Or are they people would actually like to meet.

SD: No my characters come straight from my mind. Folks I know in real life wouldn’t be that interesting as characters. LOL!

6. Every writer gets the dreaded Writer's Block. In fact I posted something about it here and how I dealt with it. How do you deal and overcome it?

SD: I’ve learned that usually Writer’s Block is triggered by either mental exhaustion or when a writer is trying to force something in a story that just doesn’t work. We must remember that our brains need rest just like any other muscle we use all the time. I think it’s easy for writers to forget that. So if it’s a case of exhaustion, I take a break. Most times taking a break is the best thing to overcome WB because your mind regroups. Nine times out of ten you come back with even better ideas for a stronger story. When it’s a case of forcing something, I’ve learned not to do that anymore. If I find myself struggling to write a scene I take that as a sign it doesn’t need to be in there and usually I’m right. So I go to another angle. Once you admit something isn’t working it makes it easier to continue the story.

7.How many hours do you write a day? And do you stick to that even if you get nothing written down?

SD: I don’t keep up with my writing in terms of hours to be honest. I take breaks in between and it’s different than when I first started writing years ago. When I first started I wrote constantly, every hour of every day. As time goes by, schedules change. Simply, if I am writing a story then I just write on it as much as possible. Most times you can’t get me off a story but some days I might not be into it so I won’t write at all. I also type very fast so I am someone who could write only a few hours a day and get through many chapters opposed to someone who might spend the entire day doing the same thing. But it’s not a race. Every author has his or her own pace. As long as you get the job done, that’s what’s important. As for sticking to writing even when you got nothing to write, nope. If I don’t have anything to write or my mind isn’t focused on writing that day, I take a break. I don’t force it.

8. Your fans love your books. Are there any particular requests from your fans on the next kind of story you write?

SD: Most of them ask when the next one is coming out or what projects I’m working on. I also have a lot of fans that are new writers and some ask me for input or advice. No one has suggested what I should write next or anything but they do tell me if they want a follow up to a book I’ve written and ask if I’m doing a sequel.

9. Which book is your favorite, or are they all your babies? LOL

SD: Up until I started my upcoming series it had always been Melody. I just fell in love with that story. But now it’s the series with Bree and Steven because I’m excited about releasing a crime/mystery and interracial romance series. I don’t think that’s been done before. I love bringing crime and mystery to the interracial romance audience. It’s very exciting and a lot of people say they love the fact that not only I’m black and writing mysteries, but that I incorporate interracial romance into it as well. I know the IR audience is always open to more genres in that category.

10.How did you feel when that first book was published?

SD: I was very happy of course but I don’t think I’ll be happier than I will be when “Giving up the Ghost” is released. I am so excited about this series, I can’t tell you how much! To me, that’s gonna be like it’s the very first time. I truly feel that way.

11.What's the latest news for Stacy-Deanne?

SD: I have a lot of exciting things going on! I am so happy about my fourth release, “Giving up the Ghost”. It’s the first installment of my crime/mystery and interracial romance series. I’ve already finished other installments and some standalone novels. So I’ve got a lot on my plate! There’s a sneak peek of “Giving up the Ghost” at my site.

12. Do you have a website/blog where readers can contact you?

SD: I’m all over the net but folks can check out my website:

Thanks so much, Stephanie! I appreciate the opportunity and the support!
And thank you for such a fantastic interview!


  1. Stacy,

    I so agree with your insight on writer's block. When we try to force something into our stories that doesn't belong, it's like hitting a brick wall. You offer great advice on how to climb that wall. Thanks!

  2. Great interview Stacy! I love the concept of IRs in other genres.

    Steph well done!


  3. Great interview Stacy! I'm a proud introvert too. Your website is great.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi Stacy and Stephanie!

    Great interview! Stacy you always bring something new to the table when I read your interviews. You are truly a unique person and I am looking forward to your upcoming release. I heart mystery and IR mystery romance is that mush sweeter!



  5. Thanks so much, Chicki! I am glad I helped and inspired! Thanks for coming through!

    LaVerne, Raven, Serenity, you know you're all my girls! I admire all of you and great author friends is what makes this journey so fulfilling.

    Thanks so much for the endless support!


  6. Stacy, it's so funny that I guess I never really thought about IR mysteries not having a voice.

    Great interview!

    Good luck with the new release.