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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Writing the Ménage and Living the Life—Sorta.

Okay. You guys have already read my hubsters’ input and our mutual friends two cents on this. If not, here are the links to those blogs:

As you know, I am happily married to my soul mate—Guiseppe.  If you’re wondering how we met and I how I also use him as my muse, here’s the blog on that too:

Okay, now that you are all caught up, LOL. Let me explain to you the dynamics of this relationship now.

It’s complicated, looking at it from the outside. But from where I’m sitting it’s normal and natural. 

First let me say that I feel really lucky to have two guys that support my career and help with advice and give some input and constructive criticism when needed.  

It’s hard to find one mate that supports your career over 1000%, but to find two! That’s special. I also a feel little guilty too. Why?
Because it’s hard for a woman to find one man that loves her and will go to the ends of the earth to get her, (at least that’s what the hubster told me before we tied the knot. LOL). But I also have a great friend in Marcello, the hubster’s childhood friend. 

I’ve known the hubster since I was twenty-four years old.  I’ve known Marcello since I was twenty-five. The hubster introduced us and he was immediately attracted to me. 

Now mind you, Marcello is one hell of a sexy man. He’s charming, he’s sexy and confidant. But he’s a little extra. LOL He’s a handful and I recognized that. 

However, as a friend he’s the bomb. Love him. Like I said he’s been the hubster’s friend since they we preteens and now we were hanging together like the Three Musketeers.

We’ve all been through so much. The joys, the pain, the ups and downs, tragedy and celebrations. That explains our closeness. So when you see me and you see two tall dark and handsome men flanking me, one is my husband and the other is a very close friend of ours. 

Anyway, as you know I’m a writer. And as you read in one of the blogs, I started doing research on ménage a trois. I went as far as going to video stores and buying books. The guys teased me with no mercy. I didn’t know if they were serious or joking.
I found out they were kinda serious.

Without getting into specifics, let’s just say Marcello gets away with a lot of stuff with me, that no other man can. Guiseppe would kill them!

Marcello hangs out with us with no problem. He doesn’t seem like he’s a third wheel or intruding on something so intimate. He seems to just fit with the hubster and me so naturally.

So again we’re the Three Musketeers. Me, the hubster and our mutual friend.

Is the hubster willing to allow Marcello to be even more than a mutual friend—with me? 

That I’m gonna leave alone for now. Lets just say Marcello is closer to me than any man outside my marriage has ever been—and the hubster doesn’t mind a bit.
Of course, it’ s my choice to allow it. Trust me, if I said no, Guiseppe wouldn’t allow him to be as close as he is.
Again lets just say, Marcello is allowed to be with moi and Guiseppe has no fear of anything getting out of hand. 

That was never the case with Marcello anyway. In fact, when Guiseppe goes out of town on business, he tells Marcello to stay with me and take care of any need I have. 

Marcello never crossed the line, but he’s attentive to my needs, whether it’s shopping, housework or just letting me relax and be lazy while he’s doing things around the house. This man even runs my bath. 

The hubster always tells me that Marcello is more than a friend to him—he’s like his blood brother and they share everything. What he loves, Marcello loves. 

And Marcello does love me. And I love him. This is the man that came to Guiseppe’s aide when he almost got arrested because a man made an inappropriate pass at me at work, and Guiseppe was two seconds from pounding his face in the hood of his car. 

Marcello was there too to cover up the crime scene. 

Yeah, remember Guiseppe is Sicilian, Marcello is Southern Italian—not much difference. LOL!

I love my husband dearly. So much so that it scares me. To think what my life would be without him is just….I couldn’t.

Marcello, is on the same level. Not higher, not lower, but equal.

How is that possible? To tell you the truth, I don’t know, it just seems so natural. I can actually love two men.

I can cuddle up with hubster and have Marcello lay on my lap.

What’s more important, THEY are comfortable with it.

How intimate have I been with Marcello? That’s a conclusion you have to come to and what ever that is, I’m fine with it.

So as you can guess, the ménage books I write, the characters are very deep into each other, it’s not about the sex, but the emotions, the baggage, the caring they have for each other. I can write it so easily because it feels right. 

Will I be writing more ménage books? Of course.

You might be thinking you’ve read one ménage book you read them all. Not necessarily. Each arrangement has its challenges. Either the couple, the third person or how it’s perceived by society and how the players handle it.

For me, I’m the happiest I ever been. I know there is nothing the hubster wouldn’t do for me. And I know that Marcello is just as eager to please me too.