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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Inside the Head of a Smut Writer

Hello Madame, it’s a pleasure to finally meet and talk with you.  We have some interesting questions and inquiring minds want to know, how does a Smut writer think. So I hope you’re ready!

Why do you write triple X stuff?

Hmm, tough one right off the bat. LOL.  Let’s see. Well, I think women are more sexually in-tuned now than they ever been. Meaning, the old romance books that your mother and mother’s mother use to read are not that exciting to the senses anymore; at least as far as turning them on.

That’s not to say they aren’t good, but I believe women are just as visual as men now. They want to “see” and feel a story too. They also want to get turned on—quick! LOL

So I’ve noticed a trend going on in the erotica industry. Erotica has always been out, but compared to what I’m reading now, that was soft erotica!  I see more stories of hardcore (yet romantic) sex. I see those words being used that the other romance books turned pale over. You know the ones. The “C” word and other descriptive phrases that refer to the vagina.

And this stuff is turning women on and they like it. Some just won’t admit it.

So, I said, let me give it a shot. I write stuff that’s in the back of a lot of women’s minds, but they are afraid to voice it, but they want to read it. Even if it’s in the dark.

What makes your work beyond erotica?

Most erotica doesn’t have a HEA necessarily. It doesn’t have to.  I ALWAYS have my couples have an HEA and still be smutty and raunchy. LOL.

Do you think this work is more popular now because we’re an older more experienced generation, so we’re more open to it?

Oh yes! Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve come a long way baby. I think as a society, we are realizing for the first time that sex can actually be fun. Really! And for the first time, we’re not guilty about it. In fact, a lot of us our shouting from the rooftops!

 I noticed your writing has more visual aspects to it. Are you trying to cater to the male audience as well?

Of course. My writing is mainly for couples, although reading one of my books under the covers alone is okay too. LOL. But I would like to think that couples are in bed with their Kindle or Nook reading my words, and getting horny as hell!

Your work is borderline pornographic but at the same time, it has a back-story with loving couples. Is that on purpose?

Yes. I listen to my fan base and others out there. They DO want some story plot and characterizations, not just sex. Remember, erotica or raunchy sex books, just has more sexual acts on the page than the typical romance or romantica stories. The wording is also more graphic and so are the sex acts. If you’re not squeamish and have a block of ice and the air conditioner blasting, then you can read my works. LOL

Are your stories from “personal” experiences? WINK WINK!

I plead the fifth.

Do you think women find your work a turn on or a turn off?

A turn on. Like I said before, they might not admit to reading this kind of stuff, but they are.  In fact, some female readers are saying, “It’s about time!”  Other readers might pick up one of my books, just to see if they can read it without the shame.

I tell people, just read the story and think of it as a guilty indulgence. Something that you’ll do every now and then, but not obsessed with it.

I read your bio, that was hot in itself. Could you explain some of your upcoming works?

Sure. My bio by the way, tells my audience and potential audience right off, what I’m all about and what kind of works I write. So really, no one is that shocked.

My upcoming works are some “Confessionals”, Alien Abductions. Nothing like an alien creature bringing you to twenty orgasms or more! Also more role-playing series. Women love those especially. It allows them to put themselves in the heroine’s place and play out their deepest fantasy too.

What’s your personal favorite fantasy?

Wow. Good question. I think the taken by a stranger. That’s why I love SEX ABDUCTION, my latest. What woman hasn’t fantasized she’s taken by a strange man; that she believes looks like whoever the latest heartthrob is, and is completely under his control.

It’s the classic, give up control and no guilt fantasy. “I couldn’t help it, he made me do it.” LOL!

Here’s something to think about Madame, Chocolate before, after or during?

Hmmm. If I’m nervous, before. If it’s great and mind blowing, after. If I’m bored—during.

Well thanks for stopping by, and I am looking forward to reading all your works. I was a bit hesitant at first, but honestly, I think a lot of us (speaking of women) have a secret desire to read stuff that pushes the envelope.

Thanks so much for having me. This was a great interview. Loved the questions. SMOOCHES!