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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This was a first for me, but not my last! I had fun writing this. Instead of having the typical brooding Vamp, I gave this one a sense of humor and sarcasim.

Darian Keane is taking a well-deserved vacation on his private lake. Being the owner of one of the largest advertising agencies can be stressful, so what better way to relax. His agenda? Fishing one day, sailing the next, hanging out with his buddy. Yep, just a hard working vampire getting some good old fashioned R&R.

The locals and the college kids didn't get the memo.

Darian has been dealing with skinny-dippers for the past five years. Nothing has worked. So he was tempted to go Vamp on everyone there, until he sees her. His life mate. She's one of the college hoodlums dipping in his lake. But that's okay. He's planning a summer seduction now, so rest and relaxation can take a back seat.

Alicia just graduated from college. Now it's time to par-tay! The party animals, a.k.a., the Gammas, assured her and her friends that this lake was the place to be seen--even if it's naked.

The owner of the lake doesn't think so. But instead of being frightened by the mysterious man with the crazy rumors swirling around him, she is attracted to him and her curiosity has her spending the summer with him.

Was this smart?

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