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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Submitting new stories---the waiting!

It's always exciting getting new story ideas and fleshing them out. To get a spark of a story and see it grow into this full manuscript, with true to life (or over the top) characters is a thrill.

The pain comes in when you go back to edit. Sometimes you get the help of a crit partner. If she/he is good and you can take constructive criticism it could be relatively painless. You might go through two to four rounds of editing and re-writing, but the end result is a tight well written, clean manuscript. At least clean enough that when you submit it to that publisher, the editing department doesn't go crazy, or they flat out reject you because they can't see past all the typos and other technical stuff.

After you got all that done, the real pain come is. Submitting your work and waiting. And waiting...and waiting.

This is what I am going through now.

I just finished a piece of work that a fellow writer helped with editing. I went through several rounds, but my story is tight and flows great.

So after the horrid writing of the synopsis (will talk about that in another post), doing a chapter outline and cover letter, I submitted my baby.

The publisher was great in getting back to me asap and letting me know they have it and they will get back with me soon.

Soon, is a relative word I'm finding out in this business. LOL!

Is that a weeks, a few days, a couple of months? Who knows.

But there are a few good things about the wait (yes, there is a silver lining). It allows me to work on more stories until I hear back from them, and that is one story I completed and submitted and not collecting virtual dust on my hard drive

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