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Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Well, I know a lot of you out there are like: "It's about time!" Hey life happens, but now I am here and so let's get this show on the road!

As some of may or may not know, Hello Kitty Con took place October 30th thru November 2nd. Well me being up here in Canada, I didn't even entertain the idea of going. But the hubster and our mutual friend bought me tickets and a flight to Los Angeles. I had to fly out the next day pronto.

So needless to say when I arrived and rested a bit I was at the convention doors. OMG!  Okay before you get all depressed and say: "Damn I wish I went." Let me just tell you. It was real neat yes, BUUUUUT….. It was like a bunch of Hello Kitty Stores put together (which isn't a bad thing) But if you have a Hello Kitty store near you, you know what I'm talking about.

They did have other things there. They had a Hello Kitty Organize your life type thingy. That was cute. Get out your Hello Kitty Planner!

Yes, they had Hello Kitty workshops, panels, the history of Hello Kitty. Face painting Hello Kitty on little girls. They had a Hello Kitty Breakfast meet up. I mean they went all out. The cuteness was off the charts.

Now just to let you know right now, I am NOT going to tell you what we found out about Hello Kitty. I don't want this to be a spoiler. Besides I found it quite disturbing and I think it is just propaganda to hype Hello Kitty up.

Just sayin'

What I mainly did was shopping. YES! I had some things I had to get and this was the perfect venue.

Oh did I tell you they have the Hello Kitty Museum in Los Angeles?

Japanese American National Museum:  WHOO-HOO!

Okay you maybe asking why a grown ass woman loves Hello Kitty so much.

What’s not to love?

My mom got me my first Hello Kitty item when I was 12 years old. It was a vinyl coin purse. I think I still have it somewhere amongst all my things from my childhood.

Hello Kitty is the epitome of cuteness, and since I am such a girlie girl, her appeal to me is as natural as a dog to a bone. LOL

Okay, I’ll give you just a brief history of this cuteness icon. She is a Japanese creation, a bobtail white cat. Her ‘history’ is that she was born in Britain. And her franchise is owned by Sanrio. That’s as far as I am going on that.

She has an extensive background, which to me and some other hardcore Hello Kitty fans find hard to believe. Like I said, I think it’s propaganda. I don’t remember hearing all of this when I was younger. But hey, whatever. {Shrugs}. You can look it up. But I will say this, one of my readers found out this background and she was totally distraught. I think she is undergoing therapy as we speak. LOL

Another thing I find so appealing about Hello Kitty, is that she represents friendship and sharing. And who in their right mind would be against those things? And her world is pink and fluffy!

Sanrio is making TONS of money off this cute little kitty, but that’s okay. I will buy the stuff until they run out of ideas.

Speaking of which, Hello Kitty didn’t get hardcore with adults until the 1990s, that’s when she started to be targeted to teens and grown ups.

What was my first grown up Hello Kitty purchase? A pair of earrings.

I think the appeal of Hello Kitty is simple. To us girlie girls, that love shopping, makeup, fluffy things and squeal every time we hook up with our girlfriends, Hello Kitty represents us.

She is our girlfriend who has a closet full of cute stuff she wants to share with us.

Oh and before I forget, the reason for all this Hello Kitty hoopla is because last year was Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary! Like I said, I grew up with the cute kitty. I had everything Hello Kitty as a preteen, a teenager and the grown woman that I am today. Rock On Hello Kitty! {{Fist in the air}} Rock On! LOL

The Hello Kitty stash just got more grown up, as you can see: These shoes are surprisingly comfortable.

They had kitchen stuff I had to get. Yes had to get. Toasters and Sandwich makers Oh My!

They had little things to fill your house with Hello Kitty love. Stuffed toys, towels, slippers,  you name it! I had to get a new Microwave. I wore out the other one. And this stuff is not cheaply made either. these are not toys.

They also have EXPENSIVE stuff for those true die hard Hello Kitty fans--that have the dough! The most expensive thing I got was a set of Hello Kitty golf clubs, so when I go visit my daddy in Miami I can use them. I already sent them to my dad's but here is a pic of them. They are not cheap. But hey, they are cuuuute.  When I go down to Florida, I'll have a better picture off them. I had a hell of a time getting them, then a club was defective and I had to send them back, and blah, blah, blah. But I have them. If interested they are $800.00 Make sure you get the Ladies, not the kids

Now, if you're thinking my guys just love this stuff around the house. WRONG! They can't stand Hello Kitty. In fact the hubster (and a few people already know this story), took one of my Hello Kitty house shoes and threw it away. I was looking for that slipper for days and finally realized he took it. So after a Perry Mason Moment and him confessing to taking it, he gave me his card and I bought these:

Yeah! So there!

So for those that wanted to go too the Hello Kitty Convention don't feel bad. You can still go the museum it's just like the convention except there are not a lot of people dressed up as Hello Kitty and jumping out and scaring you. LOL.

And get this, they have rare Hello Kitty items, things that have never been seen before.
Hello Kitty, you've come a long way!

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  1. Ah yeah! hahahahahaha I can just see it now your Hello Kitty stuff all over the place. You got me with the toaster but I must say I love the shoes. Seems like you had an awesome tiem.