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The Romance Reviews

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finding Love and Danger...Chapter Two

It is now date day. My solider has agreed to meet me in a public outdoor café. The place he picks I’m very familiar with. They have the best Middle Eastern food lots of Israeli dishes. Like many places it’s owned by a family for generations.

Of course we talked that morning. I was going to get out and visit some friends, but had to call and let them know I would have to take a rain check. My solider was more interested in having an in-depth conversation right there! I told him we have plenty of time to talk at lunch. He said he liked how my voice sounded over the phone.

I hate my voice over the phone. LOL!

An hour and a half later, I was able to shower dress and go. I had a little time and decided to walk to the location. Like I said, I knew the place well, and it was about a ten minute walk from the hotel. So I took a little side trip. There was some sort of puppet show and I sat and watched that. Then there were some Israeli musicians. I love a lot of their music, gets your foot tapping.

Finally, I arrived at our meeting place, I was still early. I was eyeing a lamb dish on the menu. I watched as various people sat down and looked over their menus and chatted in a language that was still foriegn to me. There were the locals as well as tourists like myself.

One thing that always stood out and gave me pause sometimes was that citizens were allowed to carry guns with them in plain site. I remember looking over across the table and an older man sat down with I believe his wife, and he had a .38 stuck in the back of his pants.
Considering all the crap that happened in Israel at the time (and still going on), this is normal everyday life.

I think I waited ten minutes and my solider arrived. He greeted me with that deep voice and thick accent that I found sexy. He gave me a large smile making him even more appealing. I knew he was fine in the club, but seeing him in the daytime nearly took my breath away. I couldn’t stop staring at him.

He had on full army gear, weapons included. I told him in a joking matter, he didn’t have to get all dressed up for me; surprisingly he got my American sarcasm and laughed. But then a second later his face turned serious and he told me that he’s on duty twenty-four hours a day. He said he had to be, because things were getting heated in Israel lately.

Peace talks were under way and a lot of people including some Israelis didn’t like it.
After a brief conversation on my views of the situation, we started talking about everyday things.

By the way, my views on the peace talk were, I wanted the whole Middle East to come together for the sake of peace all around the world. He thought that was interesting, didn’t agree to a certain extent, but he respected my views.

We looked over the menus and he asked me what I wanted, I told him the lamb dish and a soda. He ordered the same.

As we waited for our food to arrive, he started asking me all kinds of question about me. Where was I from? Was I married or seeing someone? He said he wanted to make sure I didn’t have a boyfriend or husband hiding somewhere. LOL. When I convinced him I was single he got even more comfortable with me. He asked how long I would be staying in Israel. I told him a month maybe two. He was shocked. He knew most Americans take only two-week vacations, maybe three. I told him that I had my own business and it allowed me from time to time to take very long vacations. He found that fascinating and starting asking about what sort of business I was in.
Mind you now, our food has arrived and it’s been some time. I still don’t know much about him.

He’s still asking me questions. I kinda felt on the spot, but at the same time, I kinda understood.
After my third degree from him, I finally got my chance.

Boy did I have questions. And guess what? He didn’t answer any of them that had to do with him being in the IDF. The only thing he told me was, that as soon and you became thirteen you were in the army and you could stay in it for life. Girls included. He chose to be a solider for life—or until his death in battle.


After some time talking about less serious matters, he told me that he could arrange some time off and he would show me around. I reminded him that this was like my tenth time here, and I pretty much knew my way around. He laughed and told me no one knows there way around anyplace 100%. Well, he got me there. LOL!

He kept reaching for my hand and holding it and looking directly at me. At this point in my life I was use to the boldness of foreign men. But he still made me a little nervous. It could have been the AK47. LOL!

We got up and left the café. We walked around, him actually placing his hand on the small of my back and occasionally holding my hand. We went to several little shops, where he bought me a few things to take back home. They weren’t the typical souvenir stuff. When I find some of the items, I will have pics.

We walked around some more. I remember we took a seat on a wall that was bombed months ago. It made me realize just where I was. This of course was not unusual for me. The last few times I was in Israel, there were car bombings. This was just a stark reminder. I told him about my other trips here. He wondered why I keep coming back. I told him because I love it here.
That seemed to make him even happier. He asked me what I was doing that evening. I told him nothing. He told me there was a great outdoor place to eat, sing and dance and that he knew I would enjoy it. I told him fine. He jokingly told me he wouldn’t have his army clothes on, however, he would be armed.

He walked me to my hotel and we chatted some more. It seemed like he didn’t want to leave, but finally he said his goodbyes, and kissed me on the cheek. He smiled again and walked off.

This date was just a long introduction to my solider. The rest of my story, unfortunately will be seeing him in action. And that started with our night on the town.

Stay tuned for Chapter three and the interesting thing that happened during our night out.


  1. Just had to come back and read this again. You know me... I want *more*!