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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey Mahalia! It’s Your Birthday!

Come join me and celebrate Mahalia Levey”s birthday. Take a look at her reminiscing. Check out her books and follower on her blog and wbsites!

It’s Been 36 Years!

Today is my birthday….

Taking a walk down memory lane J

I have been:

A Brat

A Cheerleader

A Soldier

A Student

A Stripper

A Mother

Many a Girlfriend

A few Fiancés’

A Respiratory Therapist

A Assistant Therapist in a children’s psych hospital

A Rock Groupie- minus sex

An Author Groupie- All the males I crush on are Gay. Unfortunately for me I have the wrong equipment!

I am forever a Dreamer

Inconceivably Optimistic in the world we live in and yet I wouldn’t change a thing.

So why is a birthday so special?

I don’t celebrate New Year’s as a new beginning. I celebrate the Day of my birth…and here’s why.

I want to know that I lived the dash inbetween my birth and subsequent death well and that

I’ve made a mark and have given something valuable to my children, significant other, family and friends.

Maybe that’s why I throw myself into a new idea or journey no holds bar… who knows. I am blessed to have so many wonderful people around me via net and in person J

Since May 2010 I’ve published so far 14 short stories/novellas. I have others slotted for the year and am continuing to grow with the superb advice I garner from associates, friends, mentors, editors and publishers. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed anything so much as writing and the free rein I have.

What I love about literature is that the canvas is so wide that any author can create a tapestry of word weaving that leaves readers breathless and content…self-included. There are times I’ve gone back to re read and I’m like wow…did I do that?

So here’s to another year of wonderful friends, and new experiences! Another year to do something astonishingly well done to add to my dash.J

We can scratch being a better listener lol in regards to the DH because I never listen to him.

But Hopefully I’ll be a better mother, friend, author, employee and person this year.

Tell me how you spend your dash …one memorable accomplishment you’re proud of. I’ll be giving away two prizes today.

Another small tuttifruiti bar of soap hand made here in KC and a backlisted read.

Check out Mahalia’s plethora of books. And there’s more to come!


  1. HAPPY BIRTH DAY!!!!!! That's an awesome list! I can honestly say my dash has gotten more interesting this year- published author. It was one of those things that I wondered and dreamed about, but never expected to be able to do. And I'm like you- I can't believe some of the things that I've written.
    Great post Hales! You made me think about my dash, and it's all good.

  2. Happy Birthday, Hales! I'm with JM...I have been published for just under a year now and THAT was my lifelong dream. However, I've also done a few other things, some of which I'll admit to and others that show up in my books...because they make me blush. I hope I've been kind to children and animals, a hard worker and a good friend. And I hope my husband (my current and second one) will say I do a good job as a wife and partner.

    You however, are an inspiration both because of your talent, sweetness, and the funny wild side that comes out from time to time. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Fourteen books in about a year. Wow! You are prolific!

    Me, I'm mighty pleased with myself if I get through the day and remember to do half the things I'm supposed to do. Hmmm. Did I feed the dog?

    Happy Birthday!

  4. You all say the sweetest things!

    JM yep there's a whole new experience when you're able to open yourself bare through your characters, not that you're like them but the emotional content at times is directly related to something in your life :)

    Kate lol! You're too sweet and man you all humble me even more lol. I bet your a fantastic DW lol

    P Kirby I have so many more in me and quite a few half done lol I'm a writing fiend!

  5. I won't sing....OK, I will, you'll just have to make believe I am Carrie Underwood when you imagine it!

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy BIRTHDAY dear Ha-les
    Happy birthday toooo yyoooooouuu!!!

    And a great dash, too!

    Heather Bennett
    Decadent Publishing

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU i hope you have a wonderfully awesome day and a fun filled special night.

    i have to say your list had me laughing quite a bit. your awesome for that. just wanted to say i hope you have a very happy birthday

  7. Happy Birthday! Loved your list!

    Coincidently, I just started reading Burn Me If You Can today. Hope your day is wonderful1

  8. Happy Birthday, Mahalia! Have a rockin' good one.

  9. LOL Is that on key Heather? joking ;0)thanks so much!

    hey Jessica I hope you enjoy it!

    Lindsey great lol thanks

    Desiree hehe the rocking good one will happen in count down two weeks when the teens leave for NY

  10. Happy Birthday, Hales. What a great outlook. Hmmm - best thing I have done in my dash? Loving my hubby. I adore my kids and I have tried to guide them in the right way and since I think they are fabulous, I did a great job, but they are their own people. I can guide but not really change them. Writing in a huge part of who I am and cannot be denied. However, loving my husband and allowing him to love me back is the best something I do for me - it makes me happy and content to see him smile. I know that is hopelessly old fashioned. Sorry. :-D

  11. Happy Birthday to you! Also congratulations on all the recent books. You are a very busy girl.

  12. How do I want to spend my dash? Shooting for the stars and landing on the moon...or just dancing atop the clouds.

    Happy b-day, Hales!