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The Romance Reviews

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding Love and Danger—Introduction

Hello Everyone!

This is the beginning of a series that I felt I should start. Considering that I writ IR romance and erotica, I thought it would be appropriate too.

As some of you know, I have traveled extensively since the age of two, with my parents. When I turned eighteen, I began venturing out on my own. One of those trips that I take every year besides Italy, was a trip to Israel. I went every year faithfully up until 9/11. After that I went only three more times since.

I want to talk about one particular trip. The one I took and stayed six months. This faithful trip was in 1995. It’s significant to me because of the events that took place during my stay. Those that are old enough and keep up with world events know what I’m talking about.

But for those that don’t I will be go over the whole story in this series.

So let me start before we dive right in.

In 1995, I took a trip overseas. This was not unusual. In fact, I planned to hit every continent before the age of 40 (which I did in 1998). But I digress. This trip I was going to visit some relatives in France, hit Italy to visit my old voice teacher and then play it by ear after I left Israel.

I arrived in Tel Aviv in June. It was HOT! But I stayed in a nice air-conditioned hotel, like always, so no big deal. On this particular trip, a cousin of mine joined me. Now you might be asking why go to Israel? Well, it’s the Holy land, it’s historical and at the time it was the place to PAR-TAY!

Yes Tel Aviv had some great clubs. Israelis LOVE to dance! And that’s where I meet him.

He was gorgeous, funny, charismatic—and dangerous! I fell for him immediately.

And that’s where my story begins.
Stayed turned next week for Chapter one. I talk about our initial introduction.


  1. Okay you have my attention. I'll be back next week. hahahahaha

  2. Glad I got your attention LaVerne. LOL! Yes, please stay tuned, it only gets better.

  3. Kathleen, it was and it wasn't. LOL! There were some scary moments. Hopefully you all will learn a lot from this series too.Very Interesting

  4. sounds very romantic I can't wait to see!

  5. I met a guy from Tel Aviv in 1999 he owned a few clubs there and was here for a bowling convention. Lord he was hot and the sex was hot he wanted to move me and my three young toddlers there to be with him but...I was one young and two afraid of relocating to another country where I didn't have a soul. Totally forgot about him lol til your post.

  6. Hey Hales! Guuurl. The picking up the family and moving thing you gotta watch out for. That's in my story story too.

    I was young when this took place also, but by this time I had traveled a lot AND learned a lot

  7. Please remind me to come back next week--I don't want to miss a word.

  8. okay you pique my interest now I need more LOL

  9. I promise to remind you Miss Sweater. LOL! This will be an interesting series.

  10. Denise, just stayed tuned. :) Glad it caught your interest.

  11. Oh wow! Very interesting and naughty...can't wait to read more. Very interesting :)

  12. Thanks Serenity! There's more to come. :)